GHSP Innovation Team

As the world around us continues to advance with technology, GHSP has a history rooted in adaptation and re-invention.

From our origins as a brass foundry in 1924 to the reinvention of GHSP as a mechatronics organization within the automotive industry in the late 2000’s and everything in between, we’ve had to enable ourselves to be innovative with how we build our business.

GHSP push-button shifter (Source: Google Images)

From being a company based in mechanics to the evolution of becoming a mechatronics organization with the use of technology to build our innovative products that span from Power-train Cooling Systems to decorative electronic controls, we’ve learned to leverage innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

And in order to continue to stay ahead of the curve, GHSP has launched an Innovation Team. The team will be composed of industrial design, mechanical, software, and electronics engineers being led by our Innovation Chief Engineer.

The goal of this team is to develop new core technology and product or service ideas while utilizing the Design Thinking philosophy in order to prove creative concepts from ideation to rapid prototyping. One way that this will occur is through “idea accelerator sessions” held with different functional groups within GHSP.

With the collaboration of different functional groups, the “idea accelerator sessions” allow for a diverse set of thinking from individuals with different backgrounds, which is key in generating out-of-box ideas.

“It’s like trying to hit a moving target,” said Ian Sage, Chief Engineer at GHSP, in explaining that the future of automotive is changing at a pace faster than ever before, which means the way we think has to diversify.

As we look forward into the automotive industry as a supplier, the OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer such as GM, Toyota, Honda, FCA, Ford, etc.) are reevaluating with how they view themselves, which makes innovation key in future product development.

samuele-errico-piccarini-197299 (1).jpg“OEM’s are looking at themselves as mobility providers rather than car makers, which can mean a lot of different things,” explained Sage.

And at GHSP it takes on the meaning of “[putting] us more in the driver seat with the OEM to discover, align, and deliver on what the future needs are, which means longer-term alignment with the OEM,” said Sage.

The long-term alignment allows for the continuation of our brand promise within an industry that is often disrupted by new, emerging companies. Through our brand promise, we will develop innovative products that discover, align, and deliver in a manner that is worry free and maximizes value for our customers.

We may not know exactly what the future of automotive holds, but what we do know is that at GHSP we have a history of re-invention and aren’t afraid of how we may have to adapt to whatever the needs may be.

If this sounds like an opportunity you would love to drive your career forward with, we have an open position for an Electronics Engineer on the Innovation Team. Apply today @ GHSP Careers

Keep up to date with all the latest GHSP news on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (@ghsp_company).



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