A Day in the Life: Jaime Cuevas

Hi!  My name is Jaime Cuevas and I’m a test engineer at GHSP.  GHSP designs and manufactures electronic and mechanical systems for vehicle shifters and smart pumps.  It’s an international business and it’s headquartered right here in Grand Haven, Michigan.

We’ve got a skilled team of good, smart people at GHSP and several different types of tech professionals:  software developers, electrical engineers, manufacturing engineers, testers, IT pros and a lot more.

Here at the company I test the embedded software in shift-by-wire sensors.  Shift-by-wire systems use electronic communication instead of a mechanical connection to pass the driver’s intent to the transmission.  That allows for new form factors besides the traditional stalk or lever.  You may have seen rotary or push-button controls on newer vehicles or in advertising – that’s what I’m talking about.

One thing I like about the work is the variety of disciplines it touches on – software development, electrical engineering, automotive networking, cybersecurity and so on.  It really keeps me interested and engaged.

I spend a lot of my day writing code to test the product and I get to use a variety of programming languages – including some that are widely known like Python and C# and others that are more specialized like LabVIEW and CAPL.

Because the software we’re testing is embedded, I also get to do a lot of work on electronic circuits.  Things like making electrical measurements and injecting electrical stimulus, and since the product is a smart sensor, generating and monitoring serial communication.

Right now we’re also building a new automated test system, which is really exciting.  Everyone on the team has the opportunity to contribute to the design and implementation of a complete automated system that will do everything from fetch the latest product software – as our developers build it – to test the product and push the results to a database with a web interface for coworkers to use.

A Typical Day at GHSP

A typical day at GHSP starts off with a quick team huddle.  Working Together is one of the core values and the huddle is part of our culture.  The huddle is a small team meeting where we each share our tasks for the day and whether we’re blocked by anything.  It’s a small thing with a big impact because it helps keep the team aligned and moving forward and it builds cooperative spirit.

After that I might read and analyze some new product requirements and figure out a good way to test to them.  If the requirements are short and simple, I might start coding by lunch.

Speaking of lunch, Grand Haven is great for that.  There are a lot of good local places like Mr. Kozak’s and Mama’s Thai, but there are plenty of chain restaurants, too.  And the town isn’t busy or congested, so I’ve got plenty of time to enjoy my food.  Or since my office is only five minutes from Lake Michigan, I can go for a walk at the beach or on the channel down to the lighthouse!  I love working in Grand Haven.


After lunch I’ll finish coding the new tests and then probably move on to developing some new capability for the test system.  That’s one of my favorite parts of the job – I love a technical challenge and it’s an opportunity to really be creative.

Of course not every day is typical … even though GHSP is a well-established company, the software department is relatively new so it’s got all the excitement of a startup.

There are a lot of ways to get involved, too.  I like to do things like contributing to process development and mentoring interns.  Another of the company’s core values is Stewarding Our Legacy, and the people at GHSP have several chances to give back to surrounding communities throughout the year.

More About GHSP

Another exciting part about working at GHSP is the company’s willingness to pursue business making new and different products.  In fact, the expansion into shift-by-wire sensors is the whole reason I’m here!  The lineup of smart actuators is also a big part of the business and the company even made a controller for a smart oven that runs embedded Linux.

Plus, GHSP has a real commitment to its people – especially in their professional growth and their work-life balance.  Just this week I completed Dale Carnegie training that was sponsored by the company.  It was a 12-week course where – alongside people from different areas of the business – I got to learn about effective communication and human relations.  It was a great way to hone my soft skills and make new friends.

It’s a good time to be at GHSP!  Growth is strong and I’m proud to work for a local company.


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