Sales Ventures

We mentioned previously that Operations can often be thought of as the heart of the business, but in order for the heart to operate you need to have blood flow for it to survive.

But what exactly is the blood flow of a business?

Think Sales and Marketing because after all you do need customers to make products for or there are no operations.

As the automotive industry is continuously changing, so are customer’s needs, but at GHSP we have the ability to adapt to our customer’s needs which is why in 2017 we are going to be seeing the “largest sales in the history of the company,” said Hazen Sills, VP of Marketing and Sales.

In order to grow our sales, we are going to further our craft of delivering high quality products.

alessio-lin-208193Since we are in the business of automotive, there are many different contributing factors to make a vehicle. From interior finishes to the smallest gear on the transmission, each part of a vehicle is specifically crafted and supplied to an OEM (original equipment manufacturer, such as Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, etc.). At GHSP, we specialize in the crafted delivery of vehicle shift systems and smart pumps.

We innovate in our technologies and the integration of them to provide our customers an optimized solution to their problem, therefore we are going to be seeing growth of products.

In 2017, Sills explained that we will once again experience many first time achievements within our product lines, technology, and customers.

As the year continues to evolve, so does GHSP as we continue to drive innovation for worry-free automotive solutions.

If a journey of growth sounds of interest to you check us out at:

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