ACG West Michigan

Every year the Association for Corporate Growth Western Michigan, or ACGWM for short, awards a company an Outstanding Growth Award for their growth story.

This year at GHSP, we (special thanks to Krystle Grimes for entering us!) decided to enter because our growth story is quite unique from starting as a stamping business in the 1920s to evolving into the mechatronics mechatronics.jpgorganization we are today giving GHSP the ability to transform within different marketplaces.

Though we did not win this years growth award, we were a finalist along with Feyen Zylstra, Ranir, and SoundOff Signal with Comfort Research winning this years growth award, congratulations!

This was a phenomenal opportunity for us to experience all the growing businesses within West Michigan and to see how companies from different industries are making their unique stamp, but what does it take to be awarded the Outstanding Growth Award?

ACG looks for the following:

  • An operational/financial or other business presence in West Michigan
  • $10 million minimum in annual sales
  • Demonstrated growth in sales, profitability and employment as well as continuing community involvement

Through our core values (Earn Trust, Learn by Doing, Work Together, and Steward the Legacy) we are able to meet the criteria above and continuously evolve our growth story.

We were founded as Grand Haven Stamped Products in 1924 as a metal stamping and fabrication company, through the years we have transitioned our business to emerge into the automotive industry of today.

Our tagline, Solutions in Motion, reflects our evolution from a mechanical products company to a mechatronics company that builds integrated automotive systems.

We have positioned our growth through the discovery of mechatronic solutions and products that integrate mechanical elements, electronics, software, and aesthetics for the global automotive market.

Our growth has consisted of sales more than doubling over the past four years, the launch of two new businesses in the past six years, and employee count growing from just over 1,200 to over 1,800 at locations across the world including Michigan, Mexico, China, Japan, and Europe.

“Our brand promise is what ultimately drives our growth,” says CEO Jeff Smith. “It’s our ability to adapt in a quickly changing market combined with the promise to discover, align, and deliver in a manner that is worry-free.”

Through our evolution, we have maintained a very disciplined approach to planning and execution of strategic and tactical goals to maintain our brand promise to our customers, but also the end user of our products, you and every driver alike.

Though we did not win the award this year, it was a phenomenal opportunity to experience all the growing West Michigan businesses. Thank you ACG for considering us as a finalist, we look forward to next year’s growth award.

Visit us at if a journey of growth sounds like an opportunity you would like to take.

Make sure to keep up to date with all the latest GHSP news on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram (@ghsp_company). 






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