The Engineering Mindset

The coveted words in automotive: innovative engineering.

What is the next up and coming “thing” that is going to diversify a company and push you over the edge of awe-inspiring innovation? If you find out be sure to let us know, but one thing we are certain about is the endless evolution of technology within not only automotive, but the world which is having a direct impact on our organization.

“Electronics are changing our day to day lives,” said Marc Smeyers, VP of Engineering at GHSP, “We are getting more technology into a smaller package.”

rotary shifter
Shift by Wire (SBW) shifter

From IPhones, to GPS devices, to our shift systems that are integrated seamlessly into our vehicles, there isn’t a part of your life untouched by electronics.

How does GHSP play into this evolution of electronics?

Imagine trying to drive a vehicle without a shifter or having a transmission that won’t cool down. This is where our technology of shift systems and smart pumps comes into play in order to deliver to a safe and secure drive during your travels.

With this evolution of electronics, we are expanding our products to make them meet the forefront of innovation.

“There is a change within our organization,” said Smeyers.

“We are going from mechanical to shift by wire.”

Automatic shifter

In order to make our integration from mechanical to electronics, we are continuously utilizing new software technologies which allow us to communicate on “information buses” within the SBW capabilities in order to change gears from park to drive to reverse.

In order to make our transition, we continue to promote and build our learning by doing environment.

“We have an environment built on trust,” said Smeyers. “We take ownership to have high quality products in order to make a meaningful contribution to our customers whether that be employees, automotive customers, or the end user of our products.”

In 2017, GHSP is looking to expand our innovative technologies in order to be coming into new ideas to develop the right products for our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) customers.

This will include continuing to support our changing environment, launch new product lines and continuous improvement with our processes used.

Come venture with us in 2017 as we explore different ways to bring innovative products that lend to a driving experience of ease. Visit us at to learn more about our growing, global GHSP team.

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