Our Operations

The operations of a business can often be thought of the support system that ensures the delivery of a quality product to the customer, which impacts both the end user of the product and the organization itself.

In the case of GHSP, our end products are vehicle shift systems and smart actuators that become seamlessly integrated into your driving experience.

As we enter 2017, GHSP can expect to continue to grow both products and people in order to continue the deliverance of mechatronic products into the driving experience.

“We are coming into another year of significant change and growth,” said Dave Jerovsek VP of Operations. “We are going to be progressing through 20 programs that are in some form of launch in 2017, where 15 are electronic or mechatronic launches.”05.jpg

In 2017, GHSP will continue its journey from being a mechanical based business with an electronics support to an electronics business with a mechanical support.

“We are becoming a technology based company,” said Jerovsek. “One of the biggest challenges we face is having core competencies to support the technology.”

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t up for the challenge, we welcome it.

“We are growing and changing at the same time,” said Jerovsek, “which creates enormous amounts of opportunities for people to learn and grow, to do things they may have never done before.”

In order to accommodate our growth, we will be venturing to:

– Expand our capabilities with updates continuing throughout all our locations

– Expansion of our technical resources in all locations

– Further develop our safety mainstay

– PPAP* 14 new products

– Upgraded IATF certification (an upgrade happening across all of automotive)

“We are going through a transition which opens a big door for opportunity,” said Jerovsek.

This door of opportunity is an awe-inspiring time because we have the culture to sustain the growth.

“Our culture has supported the longevity for almost 100 years,” said Jerovsek. “It’s not typical corporate America. It’s not typical corporate automotive.”

How does a corporate automotive company not fit into those intended categories?

“The personalization,” said Jerovsek. “We have amazing ownership and leadership. We understand the impact we have on our employees and in the community.”

The ownership and impact GHSP drives is based upon our values, which provides a backing for our stakeholder model of:stakeholders

– Employees

– Customers

– Suppliers

– Owners

– The community in which we work

We hold ourselves to our values and our stakeholders in order to deliver the worry free solutions we provide because of the impact it has on the end user.

If change, opportunity, and growth sound like a journey you want to be apart of check us out at www.ghsp.com/en/careers

Join us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram (@ghsp_company)

*PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) means that the product has a final approval from the customer to state that the product is being made to the best of quality.


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