Welcome to GHSP

GHSP’s world headquarters are in Grand Haven, Michigan, US. Though our roots are in this values-driven small town, we reach beyond the shores of Lake Michigan with engineering centers, manufacturing locations, sales offices and business partners around the world.

Ours is a culture of integrity and respect. We live by four values that are a part of everything we do:

Earn Trust, Learn by Doing, Work Together, and Steward the Legacy.

Our core values play a big part into what it means to be an employee at GHSP, which transpires into the success that we are able to deliver year after year, thus allowing us to continuously grow.

As we begin to advance into 2017, we can’t help but reflect on the prosperity that 2016 had to offer.

“We are coming off from a really successful 2016,” said Jeff Smith CEO of GHSP, “it was a record year in terms of sales and overall performance, which will carry over into 2017.”

In 2016, we worked as a team throughout our global locations in order for GHSP to have:

– A 32.5% sales growth, with an expected 15% for the 2017 year

– Ability to pay down debt, and a plan to become debt free in 2017, which “will give us the ability to look at continued investment in our current product lines, but also

Nissan Award – GHSP Saltillo, Mexico

advance our product innovation strategies,” said Smith.

– Successful completion of our 2016 Continuous Improvement Annual Themes, which will continue to be the theme focus for 2017.

In 2016, GHSP was able to grow its capability and credibility of our new products within the automotive industry, which will continue in 2017 and well into the future.

“It’s a very exciting time to be a part of GHSP, and the automotive industry due to the changes in technology,” said Smith.

In support of our continuously innovative company, in 2017 GHSP can expect to have:

– 6 major launches. We will be launching our third shift by wire (SBW) style in our Saltillo, Mexico location and have an increase of volume in smart pumps for our Grand Haven location. All our global locations will be seeing launch activity in the 2017 year.

GM Award – GHSP Grand Haven, Michigan

– Our Supply Chain team will be developing a Supplier Council in order to continue to enhance supplier development activities, give input on things that are working, but also what can be improved on.

– Our Operations team will be working to optimize what it means to be a mechatronics organization.

– Our Engineering team will be working to enhance our lean product development activities.

All of these advances we will be making in the coming year, will increase what it means for GHSP to be a High Performing Organization because we will be putting an emphasis on:

– Establishing clear objectives for both our business and people strategies

– Make sure we keep transparent and efficient communication amongst all employees

– The ability to challenge each other in a constructive and collaborative fashion to increase performance.

Honda Award – GHSP Hart, Michigan


– And enjoy the journey. 

With all that being said, “We are going to make sure there is a continued focus on making  GHSP  your best option and becoming a high performing organization for both our current and future employees,” said Smith.
Overall, 2016 was a success for GHSP, and 2017 will continue to grow and expand our mechatronics business.

Come venture with us in 2017 as we explore different ways to bring innovative products that lend to a driving experience of ease. Visit us at www.ghsp.com/en/careers to learn more about joining our growing, global GHSP team.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram andLinkedIn (@ghsp_company).


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